Integrated Report

Vernazza Autogru S.r.l. publishes, for the first time, its Integrated Annual Report with the aim of illustrating how the company is committed to creating value in the broad and diversified sense for all Stakeholders not just in the short term but also in the medium and long term.

The “extended” concept of value creation refers to all those results that are relevant for competitiveness purposes (e.g. in terms of innovation and development of know how, skills and the sense of people’s belonging, customer care, commitment to environmental sustainability) but do not find sufficient substantiation in the traditional civil reporting tools.

We consider it important to open a channel of communication with our Stakeholders like the Integrated Annual Report, which supplements the company financial statement highlighting the link between strategy, the financial performances and the social, environmental and economic context. Using this tool, which complies with the principles of transparency and clarity, we wish to take into account our identity, our solidity and the added value that Vernazza Autogru S.r.l.  creates for itself and its Stakeholders, and, above all, we wish to show our perspective vision which has always set us apart and aided us over the years.