Based on over fifty years of experience in lifting and transport, the Vernazza Autogru history evolves not only with the introduction of what the lifting sector technology puts in place, but also with the constant and growing training course path that the company provides always to its personnel.

As there are not nowadays in Italy specialized schools able to qualify these types of professional skill, the company directly prepares and realizes with its professional school several training courses to ensure to human resources a complete and specialised professional preparation.

The crane operators, of a truck, of a platform, of a special vehicle need a continuous update to learn all the safety and prevention rules, of utilization and maintenance of the driven vehicles.
The didactic activity has developed either with in class teaching of specialists and qualified instructors certified, than the gradual insertion on the vehicles , from more simple to more technological ones , in join to expert and specialized personnel.

Later on, depending from features and individual inclinations are selected the requested positions and profiles inside the working cycle of Vernazza Autogru.

The operation range that the company provides to its customers needs prepared human resources to work in team, able to solve and manage daily routine or more complex jobs. With reference to the operator training courses, Vernazza Autogru has reinforced a special school for training course located in Savona.

Thanks to the recent cooperation with the Ente Scuola Edile della Provincia di Savona, it’s been prepared some training courses reserved to workers that operate over cranes, elevating platforms, crane-truck also with trailer, overhead travelling cranes, fixed cranes, forklifts and also zoom boom , routed boom also with skip,and harness people and people able to indicate in a proper way the lifting.

The best strength of the courses is the real possibility for the pupils, during the training process to be employed looking daily the technical preparation with the practical one: in class with the possibility to use a virtual simulator that reproduces in faithful way the real situation of job, on trial field with vehicle, where it can apply the lifting procedures learned at lesson.

In this way , at the end of training course, the pupil shall have the way to know and acquire in specific way the procedures and the total of theoretic and practical principles of the company activity ,considering also the risks and the criticisms, ready to operate with safety and professionalism the lifting operations, placement , setting the machine for work, in coordination with several kind of vehicles and lifting accessories utilized.

Thanks to deep training course and appropriate vocational training , to ensure maximum safety and efficiency throughout the lifting procedure, the Vernazza Autogru presents today on the market with the expertise and the equipment that offer best complete technical solutions for the planning, execution and management of its activity.